Completely Automate Your LendingClub Portfolio

Simple and effective for investors

  • Curated portfolio strategies
  • Data-driven analytics
  • Generous diversification
  • Intelligent order management
  • Really fast execution
  • Completely FREE, and no commitments

Curated Portfolio Strategies

Choose one of our two expertly curated strategies for your portfolio.

We’ve performed extensive analysis and created strategic portfolios that yield excess returns for similar risks. We adjust our strategy models every quarter or as necessary to ensure an edge. The result is a portfolio with stable high-yielding returns and very low correlation with other asset classes.

Net Annual Returns (IRR)

Attractive and stable returns for seasoned portfolios. Learn more about our three portfolio strategies.


Conservative Strategy


Balanced Strategy

Target Number of Loans (initial)

Generous diversification made possible through fast and intelligent order management.

Conservative Strategy

Balanced Strategy

Performance Stability

An key advantage of a marketplace lending portfolio is the ability to invest with scale without diversification costs. Since 2007, portfolios with over 100 loans have enjoyed near unanimous positive returns. Our models are designed and stress-tested for positive returns even through a global financial recession similar to the magnitude of the 2008 Financial Crisis.


Accounts with Positive Returns

What We Do

The Lending Alpha experience focuses on three aspects: Loan Selection, Trade Execution, and Portfolio Optimization.

Boost your investment returns using our exclusive risk models to determine high quality loan filters. Based on extensive research, we have identified pockets of inefficiencies in the loan grading models that lead to additional net returns. We use available and custom default risk factors to pick the best performing loans using the following guiding principles:

  • Focus on causation factors for risk instead of correlation to ensure that our models are statistically and fundamentally sound.
  • Prioritize on the best-of-the-best loans per loan grade, which currently results in a rejection rate of over 90% of new loans.
  • Continuously optimize our selection models on a quarterly basis to ensure high performance and adjust for changing environments.
Completely automate the investment process using intelligent trade execution at a high level of sophistication. Our trade execution engine gives you the following edge:

  • Speed – Start-to-finish of all processes within seconds
  • Portfolio Strategy Integration – Trade only the right loans for the strategy chosen for the account
  • Diversification – Automatic trade sizing based on account size to ensure diversification in your account
  • Position Sizing – Larger position sizes for the best-of-the-best loans
  • Portfolio Grade Optimization – Dynamically trade loan grades to match desired strategy’s portfolio grade distribution targets
  • Liquidity Priority – Trade prioritization based on account cash ratio to minimize cash drag
Perpetually optimize your portfolio to ensure that performance is not only tracked, but also improved over time based on new market information. We track a variety of metrics of your portfolio and compare against internal benchmarks to validate and optimize our added value services. This results in high quality control on our added value as a investment technology service. The benchmarks monitored include:

  • Overall portfolio returns against industry averages to determine excess returns (alpha)
  • Expected vs. actual default rates (determine excess returns due to our services)
  • Actual vs. expected portfolio loan grade distribution
  • Reinvestment leverage (determine leverage in returns due to reinvested profits)
  • Diversification requirements (relative to portfolio strategy)
  • Cash drag impact