Skin in the Game

The Lending Alpha team believes in our product. We have invested and continue to invest a significant amount of personal capital into our P2P accounts serviced exclusively by Lending Alpha’s services. Since our clients use the same strategies and systems as our own accounts, this aligns our intentions to actively maximize returns and exercise risk management.


Frank Chiu

Co-Founder | CEO & Architect

Frank understands the peer-to-peer investment process from end to end. Having invested in Lending Club manually, he quickly saw the challenges of maintaining an optimized portfolio over the long run. He strongly felt that investing successfully in this space required a solution in three critical areas: intelligent loan analysis, investment automation, and performance optimization. By leveraging a background in business, specialty in financial investments, and an affection for technology, he created Lending Alpha.

Frank has extensive experience in IT software implementation for financial services and consumer products. He focuses on designing, developing, and implementing process improvements, automation tools, enterprise systems, and data analytics for small to large companies. He is technically-inclined and often leverages his programming skills to create code to tackle business problems. As a personal hobby, he accumulated investment experience since 2001 and applies time-tested fundamental investment concepts to the invest opportunity in peer-to-peer lending.

Strategies Used

Investment: Conservative | Roth IRA:Balanced | Traditional IRA:Balanced

Ryan Aditya

Co-Founder | COO & Analytics

Ryan was an early adopter of P2P investing, starting with Prosper in 2007. With a growing marketplace, transparent data, and fractional investing, he believes in the opportunity for investors to consistently achieve high returns while sufficiently diversifying risk using sophisticated data-driven strategies. At Lending Alpha, Ryan enables expertly curated loan selection models with everyone. Currently, Ryan is a Portfolio Analytics Manager at Goal Structured Solutions where he oversees portfolio performance for student loan assets. His prior experience includes leading data-driven forecast analytics and investment risk management at Encore Capital Group (NASDAQ: ECPG), one of the largest U.S debt and recovery company. Ryan graduated B.S in Management Science from UC San Diego with departmental honors and Cum Laude status.

Strategies Used

Investment: Balanced | Roth IRA: Conservative | Traditional IRA: Balanced